The Ultimate Self Serve Car Wash
$2.25 (4-minute cycle)

Self Serve Vehicle Wash Options

  • Presoak
  • Soap
  • Foam Brush
  • Tire/Engine
  • High-Pressure Rinse
  • Wax
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Air Shammee Dryer


  • Transaction Receipt Available
  • Progressive Timer
  • Ten Foot (120 inches) Vertical Clearance
  • Vacuums & Vending Products Available
  • Tire Inflation Air Available

Besides our full service options at our Akron/Green Hometown Car Wash location, you can choose to clean your vehicle yourself. There are quite a few benefits to cleaning your own car:

  • The feeling of fulfillment: there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when cleaning your car, and the joy you take once the car is squeaky clean! But when you have to clean it without the proper tools, that’s not fun either. Hometown car wash provides the proper tools and accessories you need for a self serve car wash!
  • The low cost: Our self-serve car wash is extremely cost effective. Compare the cost of one of our self-serve washes to the products you pay for at home, along with the water usage, and you’ll quickly realize we’re a deal that can hardly be beat.
  • Get it squeaky clean: If you don’t trust automatic car washes (although we think you would like ours), then make sure you find a self serve car wash that provides the setup that makes it easy for you to get your vehicle squeaky clean. At Hometown Car Wash, we pride ourselves in providing everything you need, but don’t hesitate to let one of our attendants know if you need something.
  • Go easy on the environment: You probably didn’t know this, but you’re helping the environment when you choose our self-serve or automatic car wash options. We properly dispose of water and the soaps and waxes that are used at our various locations. And when possible, we even recycle what we can.
  • 24/7/365: Try finding another every day, all day car wash. They aren’t easy to find, but you can choose when you want to wash your car with our four always-open locations. We realize everyone has different schedules, so we make it convenient for you and your family to wash your car when you want, regardless of the crazy life schedules we all lead.

We hope you’ll choose Hometown Car Wash for your next self-serve car wash. We provide four locations, all within 15 minutes of one another, to make it convenient. And combined with our mobile app, you’ll quickly find Hometown Car Wash is all you’ll ever need to keep your vehicles clean.

Hometown's self serve car wash locations
Four convenient locations to serve you!