Self-Service Pet Wash – Only $8

Come on in and wash anytime … WE’RE OPEN 24/7!

Self-Service Pet Wash Options

Regular or Sensitive Shampoo
Flea & Tick Shampoo
Blow Dry
Tub Disinfectant


Private and secure 11’ x 14’ heated wash rooms
Waist high stainless steel tubs with non-slip ramps
Temperature & pressure controlled sprayers
Leash tie down& aprons provided
Coin, Currency, Credit, Debit or Value Card Acceptance
Progressive timer
Open 24/7

Give Yourself a Treat and Use a Pet Wash

If you haven’t used a self-service pet wash station before, you’re in for a real treat! Consider some of the amazing benefits of using our pet wash station at our Akron location.

  • It’s convenient. Who hasn’t had a wet, soapy dog shake and soak their whole bathroom! Trust us when we say that using a pet wash is a huge convenience versus trying to wash your pet at home. All the hair, soap, and other cleanup can be completed at our station and you’re not stuck with a huge cleanup at home.
  • It costs less! Using our self-service pet wash costs a mere fraction of what professional groomers charge, and it’s an amazing bonding experience with your pet, which leads us to the next benefit…
  • It’s a great bonding experience. We all know your pet is just another member of the family, so grooming your pet personally is the best way to spend quality time together. Some of our customers make it a family affair and bring the spouse and kids along. It’s a great way to teach responsibility and have fun at the same time.
  • It’s hygienic. Our pet wash is cleaned and sanitized and that ensures a hygienic environment.
  • It’s customizable. We provide the tools, you provide the settings your pets love most. Bring in your own shampoos and other grooming products so your felt feels “right at home.”

If you haven’t tried a self-service pet wash before, give us a try. A lot of our customers are surprised at what a convenience it is for such a low cost.