Get a Car Wash Gift Card – Your Pass To Savings!

Save on your Soft Touch Vehicle Wash, Touch-less Vehicle Wash, Self Serve Vehicle Wash or Self-Service Pet Wash when you purchase a Hometown Car Wash gift card.

Gift cards are available by cash, credit card or debit cards, and can be used in our Soft Touch Automatic Vehicle Wash, Touch-free Automatic Vehicle Wash, Self Serve Vehicle Wash, or Self Serve Pet Wash.

  • Purchase $100 card – get $120 in value
  • Purchase $75 card – get $86 in value
  • Purchase $50 card – get $55 in value
  • Purchase $25 card – get $25 in value

Check the bottom of the car wash receipt for the current balance of your gift card.

To use your gift card at the wash, insert your gift card in the credit card transaction system as you would enter any credit or debit card.

Please purchase cards by emailing us. Please provide your name and phone number in the email so we can contact you.

Why buy a gift card?

Gift your loved one with a car wash. It’s practical, convenient, and cost-effective! We all have cars and all need a clean car, and with our four locations, they’re all within 15-minutes of one another.  With no expiration date, your gift can be used whenever it’s convenient to those you have gifted. What’s better than providing an incentive to keep a clean car?!?

It also doubles as a pet wash gift card!

Our gift cards can also be used for our self-service pet wash at our Akron location. Who better to gift a pet wash gift card than to your favorite animal lover?! Your friends and family will love the convenience and 24/7/365 access to our pet wash facility.

So whether you want to gift a clean car, a clean pet, or both, you can find it at Hometown Car Wash.

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Car Wash Gift Card

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