Hometown Car Wash is pleased to team up with community non-profit associations, church groups, organizations and schools to raise funds for your cause. It’s a simple and straightforward car wash fundraiser, and you don’t have to worry about bad weather!* We supply you with vehicle wash certificates which you turn around and sell to friends, family and supporters. You will raise as much money as the time your organization devotes to raising funds.

*Restriction: Certificates may not be sold on the premises of Quick Clean/Hometown Car Wash

Hometown Car Wash Fundraiser Benefits

  • Raise funds quickly
  • No order taking or delivery
  • Up to 50% commission
  • Contributors receive something of value for their contribution
  • No rainout worries
  • Team up with a reputable, established business
  • Help protect the environment from parking lot car wash runoff and/or drain pollution
  • Hometown Car Wash has four locations to serve your patrons and the certificates can be redeemed at any of the four locations.

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    Why a Car Wash Fundraiser?

    If you haven’t participated in a fundraiser like Hometown Car Wash offers, you’re missing an easy way to raise funds for your organization. There are so many benefits to a car wash fundraiser the way we offer it:
    • Everyone washes their car(s)!
    • Everyone loves to support local businesses instead of out-of-town corporations offering cheap products for a vastly marked up price. Local people who love Northeast Ohio and all if has to offer own Hometown Car Wash.
    • You earn a lot — most fundraisers are lucky to raise 10-20% on the markup of the product. Hometown Car Wash offers you the opportunity to make up to 50% commission on your sales.
    • No rainouts.
    • No mess.
    • No coordinating volunteers.

    It’s simple. We hope you’ll choose Hometown Car Wash as your next fundraiser. Remember, we have four locations to serve you:

    Car Wash Fundraiser

    Four convenient locations to serve you!